Painting with Words

2017  •  posterA Pollock-esque painting of letters, vowels, and the representation of sounds that make words, sentences, meaning; a visual represention of the messiness of social life, rumours, and anxiety without thought or reason. For introverts, it is a frightening contradictory and nonsensical system easily reduced to a single word: neurosis.

self portrait of soul

2015  •  acrylic paintingTroughout my life, I've tried numerous times to draw or paint myself with low to limited success. So far, this is the closest I've been to being truthful and accurate. As with all self-portraitures, I believe its very existence makes me a worthless narcissist. Personal affinities aside, the complete lack of technique is a prime showcase of myself being an utterly shitty painter.

Hylian Roman

2015  •  script designThis was developed in reponse to a High School crush who was a large fan of The Legend of Zelda video game series. Somewhere along the line, I geeked out by adapting one of the artificial scripts used in one of the games. A brand new script suitable for writing in broad-nip pen was designed, which was married with the forms of the modern Latin alphabet for more practical usage. Furthermore, the script was extended to make it suitable for languages outside of English. The script remains unfinished, although I might pick it up if I ever improve my very poor calligraphy skillset.

Relative to its somewhat intended goal, this project was a complete failure; precisely zero romantic prospects were gained from this project.

false vision

2015  •  experimental photographyLike everyone else, I used my camera to tell lies and deceive. But then it fell down to the snow, destroying the lens like my own eyes were from birth. The results that captured what I rarely saw but knew to be true, even as they remain shrouded in deceit.