Hooli announces Hooliverse, and new Journey hardware

Today at Hoolicon 2022, Hooli introduces Hooliverse, the next-generation groundbreaking innovative virtual platform for connecting people and activities at even greater levels than before, for personal means, the workplace, and education. For over two decades, Hooli has become the industry leader in engaging people, productivity, and content creation trough its vast suite of leading and powerful products: Hooli+, Hooli Search, Hooli Maps, Hooli Office, Hooli Phone, Nucleus, and Hooli Web Services. Hooli has become the place millions of people all around the world have come to love and trust with their digital lives. With Hooliverse, Hooli expands their offerings for a better world as leaders in Web 3.0, Crypto, Blockchain, NFT, and Reality platforms.

During the keynote, Hooli CEO Gavin Belson asked the audience to “consider the dog. Once it was a wolf where it had to fight to survive. Then it became: man’s best friend. It was the dog that became the first animal sent to space: not a human, a dog. They’re ahead of us, with a 0% homeless rate and a human friend that will always take good care of them. It is time we, the human race ascended. It’s no longer the dog that has to become man, but the man that has to become the dog. Hooliverse is not just a game, it is a new society, it is a new world with citizens. It is a society outside the tyranny and reach of those evil socialist governments. It is here to stay and make the world a better place.”

Hooliverse is the global virtual communal space for citizens to live in for work, education, or leisure. Every citizen will have the freedom to purchase or rent parcels of land using Ho-coin (Or Ho’s for short) and choose what to build. With this model, each citizen will be able to select the right fit depending on their needs and budget. Each swag or building that was build, purchased, or rented is also an NFT on the Hooli Blockchain. In a market first, content creators can purchase virtual workshops and be able to create and sell their swag, making Hooli the very best supporter of creatives in tech. The Accredited Hooli University will also offer the Hooliverse Creator Certificate starting early next year with classes such as: Gavin Belson, a Complete History, Engagement 101, and Learning.

Hooli takes privacy and security very seriously. This begins with ensuring that communities and people remain safe and behave. Therefore, a social credit system will be in effect. Each citizen will have a public Social Credit Log, stored on Hooli Blockchain. Certain actions will yield either positive or negative credit, and an armed Karma Police, in collaboration with the Chicago Police Department, will be available throughout the Hooliverse to resolve conflicts. Belson said, “to consider the elephant. They are large animals and herbivores by nature. But if you piss them off, they will remember you and take revenge on you. They will kill and they call that karma. Our Karma Police are elephants.”

As of October 23, all existing Hooli users will be upgraded to Hooliverse citizens and will receive their NFT and blockchain verified Hooli Passport. All classic Hooli accounts, including Hooli For Business accounts, will be discontinued by this date, and only Hooliverse citizenship will remain. To fight spam and abuse, each citizen will also be required to use their real legal name with proof and attach a working phone number in order to continue using any of Hooli services, regardless of whether they use Hooliverse or not.

Hooli also introduces two new headsets to offer the most complete Hooliverse experience. Hooli Journey 2 is the new entry level VR set with 50% higher graphics performance compared to previous models and pricing starting at $400. For the first time ever, a high-end Hooli Journey 2 Gavin Belson Signature Edition will be introduced aimed at content creators featuring a 4Kdisplay, increased base storage, higher memory, and improved graphics performance. Hooli Journey 2 Gavin Belson Signature Edition will start at $600. All models are available for pre-order today, and will ship in October.

Hooliverse begins an exciting new chapter for Hooli. As Gavin Belson remarks, “We've been making the world a better place since 1997. With Hooliverse, we ask you to find your inner Hoo.”