A better world for everyone to live in. Make the universe your oyster

Join The Alpha(s)

Your Space

Buy empty properties or pre-existing spaces that fits your budget and build whatever you want: from mansions to library to nightclubs.


Create any sort of object you want in your workshop or space or buy/rent one from someone else. Each swag is also an NFT to ensure its authencity.

Do things

Hooliverse is your world to do anything with anyone, for home, work, or school. Form Hooligan groups with your friends and do anything together.


Sell, rent, or lease your swag, spaces, or services for Ho-coins, our world leading and secure crypto-currency. Your money is yours—no tax.

Safety First

In collaboration with the Chicago Police Department, our Karma Police is here to ensure public safety and order.

Move Up

Hard work and good deeds pays off. Doing positive things to Hooliverse, could improve your status and lead to more oppurtunities.

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